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Their message to you: Teamwork makes the dream work. Assemble a group around you that can help you actualize your ideals. Seek out mentors. Rely on your squad to keep you grounded. Join organizations that share your hopes and goals.

Transcend your personal agenda and work to contribute something to the world that will serve the greater good. Group relations might feel like a powder keg on Friday, though, when Mars challenges explosive Pluto in your network zone. A dispute over money or possessions could turn ugly, so steer clear of competition and instead, try to use everything at your disposal to bring about change in the world. Luckily, Venus in your ambition angle is vibing with Uranus in your worth house the next day, which could help your stock to soar.

Show off something unique that you bring to the table, and others are likely to take notice. Winning favor with your superiors, playing nice with colleagues and doing solid creative work can improve your financial outlook and boost your confidence. Throughout , Saturn in your ambition angle will be convening with Neptune in your release corner, and the first of their three summits occurs this week the next two take place in June and November.

Keep up the good fight, proving yourself and earning your place at the table. Proceed with caution around authority figures, yet if you see a way to reform the system, you have the power to bring about change.

Plus Venus in your exploration corner is in cahoots with Uranus in Aries one last time, giving you permission to indulge in idiosyncratic pleasures. Any experiences that shatter conventional boundaries and expand your awareness will assuage your restlessness. Discovering new delights might bring new discoveries about yourself.

A couple of days later, Saturn in your expansion corner clicks with Neptune in your humanity house — the first of their three meetings in This could be a big year for dedicating yourself to a cause you believe in and doing what you can to make the world a better place — so consider joining a movement and committing to helping others. With Venus sidling up to Uranus on Saturday, feeling close to someone — or at peace with yourself — will liberate you from the past.

Remember self-love is a must for true intimacy! After your ruler changes signs the next day, the appeal of difference will grow. You might find yourself swiping right on someone who usually gets a hard pass or finding beauty in unexpected places and forms. Explore fresh terrain and discover unfamiliar pleasures! These mover-and-shaker planets will meet up again in June and November, reiterating a theme in your life until it sinks in.

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You may need to work to gain access to outside resources like loans and grants in order to make your dream a reality. And coming to terms with a loss — or rebuilding after a crisis — will test your strength and your faith in what you can achieve. With Mars in your network zone doing battle with Pluto on Friday, collaborations may prove difficult for now, and you should try not to get into a power struggle. Thankfully, Venus in your interpersonal angle is making music with Uranus, enabling you to strike a good balance when it comes to personal space. You should be able to get along with others and enjoy stimulating interactions, especially if you play things by ear and let everyone be themselves.

Planetary Row

Hoping to make a romantic connection? Use technology and the circle of people in your life to meet fresh prospects! This week — and again in June and November — Saturn in your interpersonal angle will sync up with Neptune in your expansion zone. These powerful planets are setting the stage for relationship work that can reveal higher truths. A significant connection might be put to the test, and the lessons you learn from strengthening it or ending it may take a spiritual or philosophical turn, leading you to muse about life.

The relationships and interactions that feel hard may end up being your most valuable teachers. When Mars squares off with Pluto on Friday, your determination to achieve a goal could cause you to railroad someone, so bear in mind that not everyone shares your agenda. You may have success pushing for positive change in a relationship, though, if your methods are above board. Your drive can win over a powerful ally or provoke a formidable nemesis, depending on how you conduct yourself.

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Creative work and work that serves a useful purpose like helping others are especially favored. Your ruling planet aligns with Mercury on Tuesday, breathing new life into your dialogues and negotiations. If you need to get your point across, this is a great chance to lay your cards on the table. Saturn forms a coalition with Neptune a couple of days later, and this is just the first of three such meetings in Mind-body wellness. Productivity that helps you stand on your own two feet.

Doing the work that makes real closeness possible. What makes intimacy work can be a bit of a mystery, but with this planetary pairing, there are concrete steps to take. When Mars clashes with Pluto on Friday, as much as you want to chase after new experiences, your job, daily duties or health issues might get in your way. The good news is you might blaze a fresh trail to improving your health or your work for instance, by being super proactive about seeking out cutting-edge medical info or learning new skills.

But steer clear of radical views and outlandish risks.

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A Venus-Uranus tango the next day coaxes you not to look for lovers who check all the boxes. Broaden your horizons and let yourself be drawn to unexpected attractions. This is the perfect time for a creative gamble, romantic trip or life-changing adventure! Saturn in your joy house and Neptune in your interpersonal angle will hold a series of meetings this week, and the first one takes place this week.

Complicating matters in the short run, though, is a fight between Mars and Pluto on Friday — it could point to an explosive moment that does collateral damage. You might risk a lot to feel close to someone and should probably resist the urge to force matters. But a powerful new attraction or sexy sparks in an existing relationship may be just the shakeup your love life needs. Things to do today: tune into your body temple and ask her for a message.

Is there a trauma that needs to be released? The wise woman inside already knows what to do next. You have a clear vision of what you want to create, and the course of action that will align you with it. Virgo, you are conduit for creative energy. Allow yourself to be a channel to receive the ideas and inspiration coming your way at this moment. Keeping a diary handy so you can develop them in due course of time will also help. This a time of connecting with your most authentic self, of coming into your own.

Horoscope today: January 28, 12222

As your relationship with yourself evolves, so will your relationship with the world. The kind of people who are being attracted to your space are the ones who support your growth. Birth and fertility are important themes for you today. Scorpio, you a channel of creative energy. Be aware of the divine ideas flowing through you. Find the courage you need to share your larger-than-life ideas with the world.

The time to share your gifts with others is now, now, now! Cosmic tip: Find the courage you need to share your larger-than-life ideas with the world.

Cancer Daily Horoscope

Do what you love. Sag, this is the week to connect with your higher self and gain clarity on your divine mission. Your career is more than a means to pay your bills. Focus on realignment. When you start to lose sight of things, remind yourself that you are not merely a spectator in the game of life. Cosmic Tip: This is the week to connect with your higher self and gain clarity on your divine mission. When something works out almost synchronistically, take that as a sign.

The Universe has a way of giving you what you need at the moment, of providing opportunities that lead to growth. You may or may not know where this road is leading you to. The key is to trust. Take each day as it comes. Some call it the sixth sense, others refer to it as the instinct. This will give you a greater sense of clarity on your sacred mission. Aquarius, this is also a time of honing your spiritual gifts and allowing yourself to be a channel of the divine. Reality check: transformation is both painful and ugly. It is the process of purging that will help you start over.

Despite your best efforts to hit the accelerator button, life may continue to feel like a slow-motion movie. Instead of pushing against the flow, come back to the present. This will help you interpret the signs and take the next step armed with awareness. Cosmic tip: You are becoming increasingly sensitive.

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