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Although it could be very attracted to Scorpio because of the sensuality that follows this sign of water. Gemini: as always, amorous and contradictory at the same time, they live their best adventures with a passionate and adventurous Sagittarius, but if it does not work they can always resort to the Aquarius sign. No one will understand them better.

Aquarian Astrology – Unlock your destiny with karmic astrology

Cancer: sensitive back where you look, need constant love and approval. They understand very well with Capricorn, but do not confuse friendship with love, where you will certainly need a Taurus or Pisces. I read: strength, pride and loyalty. So the Lion.

So you need someone to freedom, but you know you will be there without tightening the ropes. They need a little crazy but not excessive. The best sign for them is Aries. Virgo: Those of this sign are quite distrustful, so the best relationships established with the Scorpio and Cancer signs easily open their hearts. Pound: They are seductive and convincing, love the fire signs. They are passionate, dreamy and strong personality, characteristics that enchant Libra.

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They are excellent companions for Aquarius and Gemini, when the air element and therefore, curious, funny and sociable. Scorpio: With cancer can be good friends, confidants and understanding, but these signs should be careful not to hurt the scorpion with its instability. In passion, they are magnets with Taurus: but do not want to attract.

Aries and Scorpio

Sagittarius: air and vitality of Gemini Sagittarius by the fire explodes with passion, but the fickleness of both might turn them off quickly. Sagittarius is an idealist and restless, they can even be capricious, for realistic and practical Virgo, so do not usually get along very well. These signs tend to be status oriented and will want to show off as a couple. Venus Libra prides itself on being able to 'walk in another's shoes,' but benefits from Venus Leo's intensely self-centered creativity.

Both signs have sensitive nervous systems, and if things go well, will create an orderly refuge against the chaotic world. They also share a perfectionist streak that could eclipse the peak moments. Venus Libra can be the provocateur here, to disrupt balance, to reach new heights and avoid ruts of routine. But if there's trust, Venus Virgo likely won't mind. They instinctively know what the other needs -- a lover that mirrors back both the inner and outer beauty. They are a matching pair for double the social observations and insights on the relationship itself.

If they don't overtalk things, they'll find time to be uplifted by art, music, and memoir. Venus Libra likes the adoring gaze, but with Venus Scorpio, those penetrating eyes peer into the very soul!

Money & Career

The Scorpio lover comes across as serious, and at times even Venus Libra can turn that brooding frown upside down. Both have strong libidos, but Scorpio wants an atmosphere, not a wall of sound Libra talking. A magnetic coupling, if they harmonize very different personalities of diving deep and surfacing. A restless twosome here that both like travels of the mind, and are generally socially curious.

There's more of the harmonizer in Libra, while the Archer tends to be vigilantly attuned to its own firebrand seeking.

Star Sign Compatibility

They share keen observations about people, the world, and life. Venus Libra is more of a serial monogamist, while the Sagittarian lover sows many oats before settling down.

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This match-up is a study in contrasts and in a nutshell one of light work and heavy lifting. Venus Libra is apt to work in bursts, with plenty of time for lounging around. Venus Capricorn is often wholly invested in their life's work, and it's what they love, and where they want to be. Both like refined things, status and a sense of climbing upward, whether it's socially or materially. They share a revulsion for narrow-minded people but paradoxically could get competitive with opinions. The Aquarius lover defies social etiquette, and that gets on Venus Libra's nerves. Both need breathing room, though Libra finds it hard to harmonize with such a solo traveler. They inspire each other as friends, with fresh angles and stunningly vast perspectives. Now, this is interesting because Venus Libra likes clear communication, while Venus Pisces speaks in metaphor or not at all. Both can be cup half full types, though, and even see crazy ordeals as "blessings in disguise. Updated August 28, Here's Venus Libra with other Venus Signs:.